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Why us

  • ​​We want to provide the best consulting services.
  • We have a broad and professional basis of experience via our employees and reference.
  • We provide team members being key persons and knowledge leaders within the specified consulting industry. The Core Team consists of high qualified specialists and PMs. The combination with the back office team and its access to specialist resources makes this model very efficient and flexible.
  • BBI has deep know-how in the area of sales- and customer specific skills, product know-how, financial services and BI know-how and its applications in Germany, Austria, Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Czech – combined with a high quality methodology and management approach.
  • The team members have experience in international projects and are used to a multicultural working environment.
  • The Managing Directors of BBI  are involved personally and give their full commitment to the project.
  • Combination of conceptual corporate process and technical skills.
  • Local partner and local flexibility