Employee Performance Evaluation & Reporting

  • Design, develop and release to production new information system based on Balanced Scorecard principle. System is used for evaluation of individual and team performance using multidimensional target matrixes . System represents baseline for employee bonuses.


Business Analysis for Project Solvency II

  • Comply regulatory requirements of Solvency II
  • Automate the data processing of obligations and assets of the company


 Enterprise Reporting Portal

  • Due to the huge amount of reports in the bank, missing logical structure in the data, missing sorting and categorisation of reports, there was needed an integration of reporting systems.
  • New reporting system has been designed and developed as a result.


 Production Traceability Reporting System

  • Working effectivity and production traceability reporting was needed. Oracle Applications 11i were chosen as source system. Missing analytical possibility to report application data was removed.


 Review of SAS Infrastructure by Basel 2 Implementation

  • Perform a review of the architecture of the SAS applications used within risk management


 Reporting System Implementation

  • Customer faced a lack of consistent reporting data from the dealing system
  • The goal of project was an efficient gaining of data in right time


Human Resources Planning and Reporting

  • Succession of the existing excel based Human Resource and Financial Controlling solution with a dabase-based solution (SAS) for 1.000 employees


Group Reporting, Risk Management and Basel 2

  • Migration of Reporting for Controlling and Risk Management from an Excel based solution to a database-oriented solution (SAS). Support solution for monthly Data collection and validation of Basel 2 relevant data.


Reporting System

  • Customer faced a lack of consistent reporting data across the organization with regard to its customer segments, products provided and profitability per customer segment and product group. Significant amount of manual work had to be spent to get the right data in the right time.


Initial Study DWH a MIS

  • Customer was considering integration of DWH and MIS into the company enterprise infrastructure in order to better answer customer needs
  • It is necessary to estimate the scope and the architecture of the new solution
  • The requirements need to be prioritized and split to increments