eDWH (One Reporting)

  • Long term project. Responsibility for eDWH (One reporting - Phase 2) implementation.


Data Warehouse and Reporting System Development

  • There was needed Clinical Data Warehouse in the hospital. Health care quality and effectivity reports were required. Hospital patients driven KPI’s calculation and evaluation were needed.


Migration of DWH from SAS into SAP Business Warehouse

  • Customer selected SAP Business Warehouse (BW) as a preferred target DWH platform
  • Redesign of DWH data structures (including customers’ DBs) from one platform to another
  • Enlargement of the DWH to include Basel II data


Data Warehouse Development

  • Development of an Enterprise Data Warehouse. Data sources involved internal and external databases (customers, reservations, sales, flights, etc.).


Implementation of New Enterprise DWH

  • EDW Program is a long-term project of iterative development of Business Intelligence in the bank. Development is done in line with the vision of the program in making right decisions based on reliable and on time information, meeting all quality and security needs.


Migration to Client Meta Database

  • Data migration between two databases (client Oracle databases)
  • Regular updates in the target client DB based on changes in the source client DB